Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Leonardo is Done! And Another Scarf is Started

Homage to Leonardo

Yea! After what seems like forever, the Homage to Leonardo mosaicon is finished!  I'm very pleased with it. It turned out to be a tour de force of technique. Most of the tiles are done in Premo clay, stamped and highlighted with mica powser - Pearl Ex Sunset Gold, to be precise. Many are beaded, which is always fun. Some are done in Sculpey Original in terra cotta and highlighted.  Some are done in the terra cotta and painted with Venetian Gold paint. The frame and some of the tiles are done in Premo copper, stamped and highlighted.  Two are image transfers of Leonardo da Vinci's work.  One is of his self-portrait and the other of the Madonna of the Yarnwinder (see below). Two are done in Premo gold, mica shift technique with a stamp. I carefully shaved away the raised part of the pattern.  The crown was tonight's learning experience - chatoyant in gold Premo. I did a snail shell and shaved thin bits from the shell.  Then I layered them onto a base rectangle of gold clay and rolled them in. Lastly, I cut the rectangle into the crown shape and baked it. Tonight, this is my favorite tile.

Stones and Waves Narrow Scarf
And I started yet another scarf.  This is strange for someone who hasn't much worn scarves. But the yarn for this one just called to me.  The green is Frabjeous Fiber's Banana Silk in a lucious green the turquoise is Mango Moon's Chakra in Turquoise.  This is the scarf I wish I'd made before!

Yesterday was emotionally trying.  I discovered what it's like to be involved in a campus shooting. Neither I nor anybody I'm close to was immediately involved, but being there and being present was difficult. Giving what help and support I could via text message... well... it works.  I'm amazed at the technology and how it helps.  I do want to thank the University police and city police as well as the other agencies involved for responding so quickly and keeping the other kids safe. I cry when I think of the young man who saw no other way out than to end his life in that dramatic fashion.  Where have we failed him?  If it truly does take a village to raise a child, how did the village fail him? I cannot imagine the agony of his parents now. There can be nothing worse than losing a child.  Within a month I've seen two mothers lose their children and a woman lose her husband. There is no answer to why, I don't think. There is only the lesson to value what we have when we have it and give thanks every minute while our loved ones are with us.  That was the lesson I took away from the Columbine shootings and it's only been reinforced with recent events.

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