Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Finished Socks, Started Socks

George's Philosopher's House Socks

George's Philospher's House Socks - Take 2
I finally finished the second version of Cat Bordhi's Philosopher's House socks for George.  He went through the first pair I made for him in about a week, so I repurposed a semi-felted aran-weight yarn into replacements.  The yarn was a bit too thick and stiff to work on size 5 needles, but I did it anyway.  The yardage was a bit short for the complete cuff, so these are about six rows too short.  However, they fit and George loves them and that's all that counts!  I have two more skeins that could become socks for him as well, but it might be awhile before I tackle that yarn again!

Quiet Evening Socks

Quiet Evening Socks - in progress
 I'm sure there's some reason why I need to cast on a pair of socks as soon as I finish another pair.  Even though I have plenty of other work on the needles, I just seem to have this insane drive to KNIT!  These socks were in the latest issue of Creative Knitting.  It's not like I need another sock pattern or a lesson on knitting toe-up.  I've been doing that for quite some while now.  And I'm going to change this pattern anyway and use one of Cat Bordhi's arch expansion / heel choices.  But there's something about the colors and the name.  It reminds me of Carly Simon's song of the same name.  This is a simple lace pattern that's easy to remember and rhythmic to knit.

Back to the Artist Trading Cards
Maybe I'm knitting to avoid making the next round of ATC's that's due next week.  I can't figure out how to do what I want to do and it's frustrating me.  I've noticed a strong tendency to do something else when I don't want to do what I know I should do!  So I'd better get busy and do what I know I should.  It'll make me much happier.

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