Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Shawl Is Finished!

The Bamboo Shawl on the Sabina
Yea!  I finished the bamboo lace shawl!  Lots of folks have done this shawl.  I bet it's one of the most popular projects ever published in Handwoven. It's fun to weave and it's so classy and elegant.  A gorgeous hand and drape straight off the loom, even before it's finished.  I'm saying right now, I want one of these for myself, so I'll be off soon to order more thread!  (I'd just go to the local fabric store for it, but I want colors they don't carry to use for dish towels for the boat.)

Close-up of the Shawl
I'll be interested in seeing how the shawl finishes.  The selveges are a little fluttery as are the plain weave sections.  I think that's because the lace blocks draw the warp in some and the plain weave blocks can't compress that much.  So the result is something like seersucker fabric.

The Sabina is awesome. When she came home, we were afraid that no matter how much work George put into her, she'd never weave well.  It's hard to get next to something that's held together with screen door hooks!  But we were wrong. Not only is she beautiful, she weaves like a dream.  She holds her own with any modern loom I've tried. I am very much looking forward to the next project!

Well, the immediate next project needs to be warped onto the Baby Wolf.  I'll probably do the 8-harness Peacock Shawl.  I've wanted that shawl for years and I have the supplies.  I just need to get her done!  If I'm close enough to getting the light blue spun for the pinwheel scarf I want to do, I may try that.  It would be wonderful to weave my own handspun.  Whichever project is next, though, it will need to go onto the Baby Wolf.  She's my demonstration loom and it's only three weeks until the St. Francis in the Wood Renaissance Faire.  I'd like to have whichever project about half woven off before the Faire so I can finish it there.  As soon as the Faire is over, I need to start warping on the next tartan project for the Highland Games.  It's always something!!

Kitten Update
The girls went in to be spayed today.  They're home now and sleeping.  I hope they get over this quickly and are back to their normal bouncy, loving selves.  I hate for them to be in pain and uncomfortable, but it's for the best, I know.

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