Saturday, March 23, 2013

Roses, Roses!

Just a quick post to show off my roses.  The "Secret Garden" is starting to bloom!  The roses are growing up into the trees above, over the arch and are covering the swing.  The climbing American Beauties are about to pop.  They're still in tight bud stage, but they should make a great show this year.

Remember the trip to Bellingrath Gardens?  Remember the Moonstone rose and how I said I just might get one?  Well, I got one this week!  I got the last one at the nursery and it's a beautiful, healthy rose!  It has several buds and just one open flower.  Normally, I'd never cut a rose from a first year plant, but we're supposed to have 35 mph winds and the poor bloom would be blown to kingdom come.  So here it is!
Moonstone Rose
  The David Austin roses are starting up.  Mary Rose only has a couple of open blooms, but both Tamora and Ambridge are going strong.  Sadly, the blooms will probably be blown off tomorrow, but I could only bring myself to cut one of them.  Here's a Tamora rose.

Tamora Rose
Here's to beautiful roses!

See you next time!

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