Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More ATC's

I'm taking the ATC's from last month to the swap tonight.  I tweaked them a little.  The Valentine's ATC had a cupid added to make it fit the theme - Punches.  After I made them (and panicked about the kittens) I tried to use a punch to punch a heart and embellishment through the entire ATC.  That SO did not work!  The punches aren't very strong and when I do an ATC, I do it to last for life.  Much too thick for a punch to get through.  So I thought about negative space - or positive space, in this case.  Usually punches are used to make holes.  I took the cupid shape that I punched out of pink paper and glued it to the finished card.  It's kind of cute!
Finished Valentine's (Punch) ATC

I made the second one to fit the theme Inspired By an Image.  The image was a scrapbook page crafted from one of 7 Gypsies recent collections.  I actually own some of the papers from the collection, but I didn't use them.  Something about the bird and the colors hit me and I used Gecko Galz papers and ephemera to make the card.  It reminded me of the Victor Hugo quote that I used in one of the posts below:
Be like the bird
that, pausing in her flight
awhile on boughs too slight,
feels them give way beneath her and yet sings
knowing that she hath wings
Isn't it funny that I came up with this design about two weeks before I really needed it.  We're still working through the "what happens next" questions, and through it all, I'm trying to remember that I do have wings.
Be Like The Bird


  1. Great ATCs! I would be looking to trade yours first girl!

  2. Hey! This sounds like something fun!!