Monday, November 4, 2013

Weaving Like A Celt Yet Again!

Weaving like a Celt is apparently something we do quite a bit.  The 2013 Austin Celtic Festival has come and gone and we have a mostly-finished tartan on the loom, a full bobbin of spun yarn and lots of happy memories!

This is the first year we've used the rug and bench pads - I barely got them finished in time.  Here is the booth set up and ready to go on Saturday morning:

George and the Booth
I am SO glad I made the pads, especially, as we were much more comfortable this year than we have been in the past.  I now need to finish the bench pads for my studio weaving benches.  Here's a close-up of the spinning wheel and its rug:

Now add one spinner and you get this!

We were especially fortunate to have Cassandra with us on Saturday.  This may be her last demonstration with us as she's moving on with her life.  On Sunday, we had two friends come who innocently thought they were going to drop by to see us and then enjoy the rest of the Festival.  They stayed and worked almost all day!  Chris worked the loom and Patrick the spinning wheel, freeing me up to do presentations.  Such a luxury!  Thanks to both of you!

So now I have to come down off my cloud and get back to work, both the day job and the studio.  Although I don't have photos of it, the tartan is coming out beautifully.  I adore the Maine Line 2/20 and will probably use it extensively in the future.

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  1. Hi there, just catching up on blogreading (greading?) and saw this, love the pictures of the booth! xo