Sunday, June 23, 2019

Back To The Blog!

Wow!  It has been so many years since I used this blog.   I've been an active member of Ravelry and tried my own WordPress site.  The WordPress site was far more trouble than it was worth, so I'll probably create another that I write from the ground up.  Ravelry, unfortunately, in the past 24 hours has been destroyed by the owner and so I'm leaving it.

So I'll be moving my postings about my weaving projects and everything else here.

Weaving Baby Blankets

Right now, I'm in the middle of a Baby Blanket Weaving Frenzy!  Have  you ever noticed that babies tend to come in groups?  I have five babies to weave for ranging from my niece's to my Starbucks barista's.  I love to weave pin-loom baby blankets.  They're a great portable project and relatively quick, as such things go.  Pin looms were originally released in the 1930's and enjoyed a resurgence several years ago.  Here's my mother's doll from the 1940's holding a pin loom from the 1930's sitting on a blanket I wove.
Pin Loom With Blanket and Doll
I have two of the five blankets woven and am in the middle of Blanket #3.

Here's Blanket #1
Baby Blanket #1 - yellow and multi
This one is for a little boy, although I didn't know the baby's sex when I wove it.  It uses a variegated yellow alternated with a variegated in multiple colors.  I love the way it came out!

Baby Blanket #2 is for a little girl.  At first, I thought I made it too pink, but I really like how it came out.
Baby Blanket #2 - pink and multi
It uses the same variegated multiple color yarn alternating with solid pink blocks.  Love it!!

Baby Blanket #3 is also for a boy and I'm loving how it's turning out.  It'll be a posting for another day, though.

Grieving for Ravelry

I mentioned earlier that I'm leaving Ravelry.  It has been a wonderful place for people all over the world to share their textile arts, projects and stories.  It has been a place to ask for help and get encouragement.  In the midst of a world that is vengeful and vituperative, it has been a place of sanity and calm.  That all changed today when the owners of the site decided to persecute members based solely on their political leanings.  I'm so sorry to see such hatred in a place that had formerly been, what I thought was so accepting.  I guess it's yet another casualty of the time.

I'll keep on weaving for babies and hope a replacement for Ravelry comes along.  Heck!  Maybe I'll write it myself!

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